What If Getting Drunk Makes Me More Fun and Social?

Being the life of the party can make a person feel fantastic. Having fun, being sociable, enjoying a few drinks too many and making your friends laugh can be a lot of fun. However there is a much darker side to getting too drunk or getting drunk frequently. A few too many drinks with friends can rapidly turn into a serious alcohol problem that leaves you asking, “Am I an alcoholic?”

How Do You Know If You Drink Too Much Alcohol?

If you are at all concerned about your drinking and the impact that getting drunk is having on your life, take a look at the following symptoms of alcoholism:

  • How often do you drink? Frequently getting intoxicated in order to have more fun and feel a sense of confidence can be a clear sign of alcoholism.
  • Do you feel strongly compelled to drink? Drinking can become a physical craving that needs to be satiated to stave off severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Do you feel as though you simply cannot start your day or attend a party without getting drunk? Drinking can become an ingrained part of your routine, and you may rely on it to manage aspects of life.
  • Are you noticing problems with work, with your friends, with your relationships or with your family? As the alcohol becomes the primary driving force in your life, you will start to neglect your responsibilities including work projects and spending time with those who care about you.
  • Are you experiencing financial difficulties? Alcoholism and addiction can have a huge impact on your finances.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Unless you receive professional alcohol treatment, your drinking will keep getting worse until you have completely lost control.

How Alcohol Rehabilitation Can Help

When you reach out for professional help from an alcohol rehab facility, you will benefit from the experience and knowledge that comes from alcoholism and mental health professionals. If you choose inpatient addiction recovery options, you can expect the following:

  • Inpatient rehab will give you a much-needed respite from stress and any negative environments at home, work or socially
  • Inpatient alcoholism treatment can address any co-occurring mental health issues that may have led to the development of your alcoholism or may be complicating recovery efforts
  • Inpatient alcohol treatment will provide focused addiction treatment that is customized to meet your unique needs
  • Spending time in an inpatient rehab program will allow you to benefit from individual counseling, family counseling and group therapy sessions

Be Fun and Social without Alcohol

There is no reason to delay getting professional alcohol abuse or addiction treatment. While you may feel as though getting drunk is the only way that you can have fun and be accepted, the lasting effects of alcohol abuse are not worth a few moments of false confidence. Call our toll-free helpline to speak in complete confidence with our counselors. We can help to guide you to the best alcohol treatment solutions for your needs.

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