How to Use Employee Assistance Program Services

How to Use Employee Assistance Program ServicesEveryone experiences problems that affect their psychological health. Employers understand this, and they also realize it is beneficial both for them and the employee to have healthy employees. Therefore, many of them help employees and their families during various crises, including addiction. Addiction affects many aspects of life, as people may miss work while dealing with the personal and family problems the addiction causes. The addiction can also directly impact the quality of work someone produces, which can lead to job termination. Fortunately, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)s help employees with personal issues, especially those that damage work performance and health. In conjunction with health insurance, EAPs provide a number of free or affordable services to employees struggling with addiction.

What Services EAPs Provide

EAP counselors meet with struggling employees to assess their individual needs and to discuss the issues going on their lives. The issues that cause and result from addiction are many and layered, so factors like emotional pain, family problems, work stress, financial problems and mental health issues may all be involved. For other people, addiction creates problems that did not exist before. No matter what their responsibilities at work entail or how they fear it will affect their reputation, no one should deal with addiction alone, because it is a devastating condition. For this reason, EAPs provide such the following services:

  • AssessmentEAP counselors meet with the patient to determine his individual needs and the best course of action for restoring his emotional health
  • CounselingEAP counselors help patients explore the underlying issues of their emotional pain, such as depression, broken relationships, low self-esteem and past trauma. Sorting through these issues can help people move on and, in cases of addiction, recognize the need for treatment.
  • Referrals to treatment centersCounselors will use their connections, resources and knowledge to help addicted employees get the comprehensive treatment they need so they can recover. With professional help, addicted employees can rediscover a sober life.

People can access EAPs through the human resources department of their workplace. Calling or visiting the human resources department will connect workers with a licensed EAP counselor, which means professional help can begin almost immediately. Using the EAP will not jeopardize an employee’s job or her chance at a promotion in the company, so seek this treatment option as soon as you recognize your problem and need for professional help.

Professional Help for Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction and needs treatment, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about how you can recover. They are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment plan that suits your needs, so please call now for instant, professional support.

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