Is There Such a Thing as Drug-Induced Stoicism?

Stoicism is often described as the ability to repress emotions and detach from one’s unpleasant experiences in order to continue to live a life of pain, negativity, and displeasure. Drug-induced stoicism, then, is the tendency for addicts to detach from their emotional responses to life, even when their drug abuse creates many painful consequences. We may also ask if addiction causes the addict to detach from emotions, or if pre-existing emotional repression was a factor in the development of the addiction.

Can Drug Use Cause Stoicism?

Drug abuse can cause users to engage in activities and behaviors that create many negative consequences in their lives. In order to continue to use in the face of these harmful effects, users may need to repress or detach from their feelings. Included in the following are some examples on how drug abuse causes stoicism:

  • Detached behaviors
  • Continued use despite consequences
  • Acceptance of new life style

Addiction can cause addicts to stop investing in relationships and isolate themselves from others. Addicts have one goal in mind and that is to constantly supply their addiction by any means possible. Because of this, relationships, especially with non-addicts, may be seen as interfering with the addict’s drug use. Additionally, addicts will continue to use and abuse their drug of choice despite any and all negative consequences they experience. They may then come to the conclusion that these negative consequences are just a part of their life now and start to accept the direction their life is heading. All of these factors can contribute to a detachment from one’s feelings and a drug-induced stoicism.

How Can You Help an Emotionally Detached Loved One?

Helping someone who is emotionally detached can be an exhausting and draining task. Included in the following are some examples of how you can help a loved one struggle with stoicism:

  • Assert your own feelings
  • Understand you are not at fault
  • Reassure him you love and support him

Your feelings and emotions are important and by asserting yourself and communicating to your loved one, who at the time may seem disinterested or annoyed, you are able to express your concerns and thoughts. Friends and family of addicts are often hurt and impacted by their loved one’s addiction. Because of this, you may have moments or times when you blame yourself for your loved one’s addiction and stoicism. Despite these feelings, it is important to understand you are not the reason your loved one has become distant, in fact, the root cause is their addiction. Despite the negativity and rude comments your loved one may express, continue to reassure him you love him and will support him through recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction that has left them emotionally detached from others, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and knowledgeable counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and help you find the best treatment available. Stop wishing your life was better and call us today to get back on track!

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