Succeeding at Your Sober Resolutions

With the beginning of the New Year, many people have made those most anticipated New Year’s resolutions. Common resolutions, as it is well known, often include losing weight, working out, finding a new job or a new partner or making some other radical change. For people struggling with addiction or in addiction recovery, however, New Year’s resolutions take on increased importance, as they involve staying healthy and also maintaining a sober life.

The Commitment of Sober Resolutions

The first step in committing to a sober resolution is to write it down and have it in sight. This is useful because, by writing it down, it becomes something real that can be accomplished. Having it in sight, perhaps on the refrigerator door or in the inside of your wallet, serves as a constant reminder of your goal for the year. In the same place you can write why you are committing to this addiction resolution and the benefits of keeping.

A resolution to stay sober implies more than just words. You must also take decisive action in order to make sure that you stick to your resolution on a daily basis. Included in the following are some tips to help you succeed at sober resolutions:

  • Participate in your aftercare program – Participation in 12-Step groups, support groups, therapy sessions, counseling or other form of aftercare is a very good way to keep your resolution strong.
  • Make other health resolutions – Succeeding with addiction recovery involves building good self-esteem. An excellent boost to your self-esteem is improving your health by exercising and eating well.
  • Avoid triggering situations – In addiction treatment patients learn what addiction triggers are and how to avoid them. Make sure to review from time to time what situations or actions could trigger cravings and urges in your case, and make a plan to avoid them.
  • Stay busy – There is no better way to avoid a relapse than to keep your mind busy. Try to find a job, some hobbies, participate in sports and other fulfilling activities to keep from thinking about using again. In time, it will become easier to control cravings and your recovery will grow.

You can use these suggestions as a guide to make your own plan. Your resolution will be even stronger if you share it with friends and family, as they will do everything they can to help you and keep you accountable.

Need Extra Addiction Help for You or Someone You Love?

Our toll free helpline is available 24 hours a day for you to call at your most convenient time. Our counselors will give you free information and advice regarding intervention services, family counseling, medically supervised detox programs, Dual Diagnosis rehab centers, transport to and from rehab, and much more. Feel free to ask about ways to use insurance for rehab or how to obtain better values for treatment. The support you need is just one phone call away.

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