Suburban Alcohol Use

Alcohol is one of the most popular and widely accepted substances in the world; it is incorporated into social gatherings, meals, celebrations, and more. For many individuals living in suburban areas right outside major cities, this type of alcohol use has become more than just pouring a few drinks over dinner. Instead, many suburban residents are finding themselves struggling with alcoholism as a result of a variety of different reasons.

Causes for Alcoholism in Suburban Areas

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 17 million adults nationwide battle with alcoholism on a regular basis. Making up a large portion of these 17 million adults is the suburban population, which is commonly filled with soccer moms, working class males, among others. Some of the many reasons alcoholism has infiltrated this level of society include the following:

  • Financial pressure – Many individuals living in suburban areas often feel financial pressures that stem from either payments on their homes, cars, bills, or financial responsibilities of their children. Trying to keep up with the Jones’s in a suburban area can be so pressurizing that adults begin feeling overwhelmed to a point where they turn to alcohol to calm their anxieties. Relying on alcohol for alleviation can lead to the development of alcoholism.
  • Family demands – The day-to-day of raising children, keeping a spouse happy, maintaining a home, and ensuring that everything is in place can become nerve-wracking for many individuals living in this area. The suburbs promote a sense of perfectionism, where homes, kids, and spouses must be held to the highest bar. Therefore, individuals might turn to alcohol to help drown out this social pressure, often causing alcoholism to occur if these pressures are continued over time.
  • Career stress – Career stress is a very real issue, and for those living in suburban areas, it can begin infiltrating their personal lives to a point where an addiction develops. To live in most suburbs, individuals need to have well-paying jobs, which generally require the individual to commit a great deal of time and effort at the workplace. Trying to balance work and a home life can produce work-related stress and anxiety that individuals might try to control through self-medication such as drinking alcohol.

Financial pressure, family demands, and career stress are all contributing factors to the development of alcoholism in suburban areas, as these pressures are all linked to the specific lifestyle led in these specific areas.

Treatment for Alcoholism in the Suburbs

Most suburban areas have a variety of different mental and physical treatment options, including a wide array of doctor’s offices, therapy centers and places commonly utilized for support groups such as AA or Al-Anon. By speaking with a doctor, doing research online, or meeting with a therapist, individuals can obtain the information they need to get sober as soon as possible. In addition to local options, individuals living in suburban areas are often privy to participating in more high-end forms of care found in the bigger cities that they live outside of. This can make treatment easy, as it is more accessible to them as well as close to their families and workplaces.

Do You Need Help for Alcoholism?

No matter where you live, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Do not let your location, or the stresses of your environment cause you to drink anymore. Call us today.

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