Stress as an Excuse for Drinking

Stress is challenging even for someone who is able to handle it with what appears to be grace and style. If you do not have strong stress coping skills, it can be easy to lean on alcohol as a crutch to get you through stressful periods. When stress and alcoholism meet, the result can have a devastating effect on your entire life. Stress and addiction can cause the following:

  • Your personal relationships can suffer
  • Your coworkers can receive the brunt of your frustration
  • Your job could be at risk
  • You may face financial trouble

These effects can occur simply because you have used alcohol as a misguided method coping with life stressors. The good news is that when you reach out for professional treatment that also helps you to cope with anxiety and alcohol-related problems, you will soon find that learning those key coping skills is a snap.

Recognizing the Signs of Stress and Alcoholism in Professionals

The signs of alcoholism can be as unique as the individuals who are displaying them. By learning how to recognize a few of the signs you will be in a better position to embark on your addiction recovery journey. Knowing what to look for can also help you to stave off an alcohol relapse should you find yourself under a significant amount of stress again. Workplace stress and alcoholism signs could include the following:

  • Spending long hours at the office or finding yourself wondering how you are going to get everything accomplished in just a few hours each day
  • Losing your temper with coworkers who don’t meet your expectations or who otherwise get in the way of your work or drinking
  • Finding yourself reaching for a drink every night when you get home
  • Finding yourself escalating your drinking to the point of reaching for a drink during business hours
  • Losing your temper and reacting in a harsh manner with your family members who may not understand the stress you are experiencing
  • A sense of despair about the seemingly never-ending stream of work and pressures that coworkers and managers are heaping upon you
  • Turning to alcohol more frequently or even neglecting your work, deadlines and family in lieu of getting drunk

Getting quality alcoholism help for professionals who are finding that they cannot cope effectively with what life is throwing their way is a vital part of restoring your life to something that you both recognize and are content with.

How Inpatient Alcohol Programs Will Work for You

An alcohol rehab program can be the only thing standing between an alcoholic and long-lasting sobriety. Quality alcohol treatment programs will focus on your addiction treatment today, and they will focus on your long-term addiction recovery while also helping you with underlying mental health issues that led to your addiction. There is a strong connection between alcoholism and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. As a part of your inpatient alcohol treatment program, you will learn the following:

  • How to work through your mental health issues
  • How to cope in a healthy manner with stress in the workplace
  • How to better cope with stress caused by friends and family
  • How to overcome your current addiction and avoid future alcohol relapses

You will also undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox program that will keep your physical health and levels of comfort as the primary focus while your body detoxes from the effects of the alcohol.

End the Excuses for Drinking

If you are struggling with stress and alcoholism, call our toll-free alcoholism helpline and speak in complete confidence with one of our counselors. We can answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about coping with stress. Call us to find the best alcohol treatment program to meet your needs. We can help you attain long-lasting sobriety while also helping you learn those valuable stress coping skills we can all benefit from. Call us today. We are here to help you.

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