Rehab for Functional Alcoholics

Rehab for Functional AlcoholicsWhen people think of alcoholics, many often picture someone swaggering from a dive bar with a bottle. While those alcoholics certainly exist, there are those who have a secret alcohol addiction that can surprise anyone who knows the drinker. These types of alcoholics are often called functional alcoholics.

What Is a Functional Alcoholic?

A functional alcoholic will have some and possibly more of the following characteristics:

  • Highly functional in the workplace and in social settings
  • A nice home, steady employment and, by all appearances, a stable family life
  • Work is rarely missed and they may actually be in positions of power in the workplace
  • Highly sociable and have all appearances of being a normal and well-adjusted individual

Without alcohol addiction treatment, a drinking problem can escalate and the alcoholic’s life will spiral out of control. Functional alcoholics have built up a tolerance to alcohol, so they can consume large amounts of alcohol without showing outward signs of intoxication. This means that they will be consuming much larger quantities of alcohol. Consuming large quantities of alcohol over any extended period of time can severely damage internal organs, ultimately leading to kidney and liver failure. As the alcoholic’s secret alcohol addiction escalates, there could also be an escalation in his or her moods and behaviors. Domestic abuse is often seen in relationships with functional alcoholics.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

One of the major concerns with functional alcoholics is that they often live in a state of denial. With the belief that they don’t have a drinking problem, it can often prove to be difficult to break through to an alcoholic. It might take an intervention or a severe problem for a functional alcoholic to accept that she needs alcohol rehab.

Our facilities offer Dual Diagnosis treatment for alcoholism and mental health problems. This means that we don’t just offer alcohol addiction treatment. We offer various therapies that work treat the mental health concerns that the alcoholic might also be struggling with. With so many functional alcoholics in positions of corporate power, some professionals find it difficult to relinquish control to enter rehab. The truth is that the alcoholic has already given up control to the alcohol that he is abusing. Rehab can help professionals get the alcohol addiction help that they need.

Help for Alcoholism

Give us a call at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to find alcohol rehab facilities. Many programs offer an alcohol detox program that can help drinkers quit. While we do not do direct interventions, we can help to put you in touch with interventionists who will be able to guide you through the process. Calls are confidentially handled by our compassionate counselors. We are here to help; allow us an opportunity to help your functional alcoholic earn her life back.

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