How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?

How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?Narcissism is a personality disorder that involves extreme self-interest and a lack of concern when it comes to others. Narcissistic individuals view others as an extension of themselves. They prefer to be around people who fulfill their needs and enhance their vision of themselves. For narcissistic individuals, there is a greater risk of developing dependence on substances, and treatment can be quite difficult.

The Relationship between Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Addiction

Addicts are only focused on their next high and are only concerned about their own needs. This mirrors narcissism perfectly and is one of the reasons why narcissism and addiction are believed to be related. While most addicts are not narcissists, addiction can take a special role in the life of someone who already has narcissistic personality disorder.

In fact, narcissists are prone to substance abuse because they think they are special and unique. They believe that they have the ability to use narcotic substances without becoming addicted to them. They believe they are always in charge, not the drugs. When they abuse alcohol or drugs, they usually claim that the drugs enhance them. They think they are never at risk of developing any health problems. Many experts believe that narcissists abuse drugs to gain the attention of others. They are in constant fear of being ignored or forgotten, and they may take drugs and alcohol to dull their fears and insecurities while remaining the focus of attention.

Narcissism and Addiction Help

Those with narcissistic personality disorder are at a great risk of substance abuse and dependency. When an individual is suffering from narcissism and addiction, treating either condition can be very challenging. Medical professionals have to first determine which condition caused the other and then have to treat both conditions simultaneously. It should also be understood that in most cases, each of these disorders fuels the other. Substance abuse makes the symptoms of narcissism more severe. Dependence and tolerance are thus established.

Narcissists feel that laws and social conventions do not affect them. It can therefore be extremely difficult to direct such individuals into treatment for either condition. Even when they face major problems related to addiction, they don’t believe that they need addiction help. In fact, such individuals fail to recognize that they have a problem at all. In most cases, they are aggressive and hostile toward treatment. They do not feel that medical professionals or treatments are valuable because their personality makes them resistant to authority figures.

Professional Addiction Help

Encouraging a narcissistic individual to seek addiction help can be challenging. However, we’re available 24 hours a day to help your loved one with addiction recovery. Call our toll-free number at any time to learn more about treatment options and professional addiction help that is designed specifically for those with narcissistic personality disorder. We can help you find everything you need, from a certified addiction interventionist to family counseling and inpatient rehab. Call today to learn more.

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