How to Manage Ongoing Medical Conditions During Rehab

Many people struggling with drug addiction also suffer from ongoing medical conditions such as chronic pain or mental health disorders. In many cases, the medical conditions are pre-existing and may have even led to the drug abuse and addiction due to self-medicating. Managing co-occurring disorders can often be difficult while receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, as the two disorders are commonly intertwined. A mental health disorder or problem with chronic pain can complicate addiction treatment as symptoms of both a medical condition and addiction often mask one another. Many traditional addiction treatment centers are not adequately equipped to treat ongoing medical conditions or mental health disorders. Similarly, treatment centers that specialize in mental and physical health are not adequately equipped to treat a drug or alcohol addiction. However, there are many treatment centers that are specifically designed to treat co-occurring disorders of physical or mental health problems along with drug and alcohol addiction.

What to Look for in Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders

Consider the following when seeking the best way to manage ongoing medical conditions during rehab for drug or alcohol addiction:

  • Dual Diagnosis treatment facilities – A large portion of people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction also suffer from a mental health disorder. Dual Diagnosis treatment facilities specialize in treating co-occurring mental health and drug and alcohol addiction disorders. Dual Diagnosis facilities continue to grow around the world as addiction and mental health disorders are so often found to co-occur. Patients who receive treatment at a Dual Diagnosis facility typically benefit from having both their addiction and mental health disorder treated simultaneously within the same facility and by the same team of professionals.
  • Chronic pain and addiction treatment facilities – Many people suffering from chronic pain also struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. In many cases the drug addiction is a result of self-medicating chronic pain. There are specifically equipped facilities that treat drug and alcohol addiction and teach patients successful ways to manage chronic pain without the future use of addictive substances.
  • Integrated treatment teams – In some cases people struggling with co-occurring disorders can benefit from an integrated treatment team of professionals. Integrated treatment teams provide separate treatment for different disorders but work together as a team to help provide a holistic method of treatment. Integrated treatment teams can include different professionals who treat physical disorders, mental disorders and drug or alcohol addiction.

Managing an ongoing medical condition in addition to treating a drug or alcohol addiction is essential to overcoming the disorders and experiencing a healthy recovery. If a physical or mental health disorder is ignored during rehab, the addict is likely to relapse and the problem with drug abuse and addiction will continue.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders?

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