Knowing When to Stop Drinking

Alcohol dependence often happens slowly over time. Knowing when to stop drinking can prevent addiction or help a person know when to get help. Alcoholism is most likely to develop among those who regularly drink enough to become seriously intoxicated, but this level of binge drinking is not required for the disease to develop. Some people are born with a biological predisposition toward addiction and may become dependent on alcohol, even if they never drink to excess. Others who may not binge but who consume moderately high amounts can develop the disease as well. Underlying emotional or psychological disorders such as anxiety issues, personality disorders, depression, eating disorders, self-esteem deficiencies or schizophrenia will also greatly increase the likelihood of addiction.

How Much Is Too Much Alcohol?

Drinking leads to the loss of perspective on how much is too much. It is important for anyone who drinks to determine ahead of time when he or she will have had enough. Though the exact quantity will vary from person to person, the average man can metabolize about one drink per hour, while the average woman may take closer to two hours to process the same amount. Generally speaking it is not recommended for a man to have more than two drinks per day. The recommended quantities for women are about half that. According to the USDA for men it may be dangerous to drink more than 14 drinks in a week. Another casualty of drinking is sound judgment. Having a person hold you accountable to your stated limits helps when it comes to preventing overdrinking.

When Is It Time to Quit Drinking Alcohol for Good?

If you regularly consume alcohol and are concerned that you may be developing an addiction, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find it hard to stop drinking once you start?
  • Have you ever been dishonest about your drinking?
  • Do you get irritated or emotional when confronted about your drinking?
  • Do you regularly drink to the point of intoxication?
  • Is drinking getting in the way of your career or your passions?
  • Is drinking causing complications with your relationships?
  • Do you think about drinking occasionally throughout each day?
  • Do you schedule your activities around drinking?
  • Have you tried to quit drinking unsuccessfully in the past?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to stop drinking for good.

How to Stop Drinking

Please call our toll-free helpline any time of day or night, and let our specially trained experts answer any questions you may have about alcoholism or recovery. You may not yet be an alcoholic but may be on your way to developing this disease. We can help you navigate the issue and decide what is best for your health and your future. The call is confidential and free, so you have nothing to lose. Call today.

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