Is Alcoholism the Sign of a Greater Issue?

Alcoholism is often treated, unintentionally and unfairly, as a disease that is chosen or is an option. Alcohol addiction is prevalent, and it is not controllable without professional help. Underlying, contributing and resulting issues work together to overwhelm the alcoholic.

Alcoholism and Underlying Environmental Factors

Alcohol use may begin as a response to stress or loneliness or as a means to mask physical or emotional pain. When alcohol is used in this manner as a form of self-medication, the results can be devastating. Many of these individuals will attempt rehab at home or through detox services alone only to experience a relapse in the following weeks and months. The rehab process must address the individual as a whole and treat the entire spectrum of addiction and related concerns. Quality rehab services combat the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of alcoholism. Quality rehab is multifaceted and focuses on Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis care addresses addiction and any underlying causes and environmental factors that contribute to an addiction.

Quality Rehabilitation for Alcohol Abuse or Addiction

An example of how mental health and addiction interact is if a college student has undiagnosed depression and turns to alcohol for help coping. A Dual Diagnosis treatment approach will look for underlying causes like depression and will address them so they will not complicate recovery or sobriety efforts.

Allowing the disease of alcoholism to continue will result in the general deterioration of your physical and mental health, and will continue to decrease your quality of life. You may think rehab is not for you. You may have sought rehab before or even maintained a brief period of sobriety before relapsing. You may be new to addiction and aren’t sure where or why to ask for help. One of the most difficult parts of the rehab process is cultivating the desire to seek and complete treatment. No matter how long you have been dealing with an addiction to alcohol there is help and hope available to you.

Find Treatment for Alcohol Addiction and Underlying Issues

If you or someone you care about needs help with alcoholism and contributing issues, call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to provide you with the quality options you need for successful and long-term recovery. You can break free from alcohol and live a healthy and sober life. We can help.

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