Is Alcoholism Always Progressive?

If you or someone you love has been displaying the signs of alcoholism, it can be easy to convince yourself that things won’t get worse. You may believe your friend or family member has drinking under control or that you can stop drinking when you really need to. However the scary reality is that alcoholism is progressive, and it will get worse.

The Truth behind Alcoholism

The signs of an addiction to alcohol vary, but there is one thing all alcoholics have in common. Signs, symptoms and consequences of alcoholism are going to progress. Alcohol addiction may get worse as a result of the following:

  • One to two drinks a day may lead to an inability to get through the day without a drink
  • Increasing tolerance means that the person drinking needs to drink increasing amounts of alcohol in order to get the desired result
  • Relationships will suffer, as drinking affects the stability of the family
  • Alcoholic individuals will withdraw from friends and family and become increasingly isolated
  • The increasing physical need for alcohol and the increasing tolerance to it will quickly lead to problems that involve drinking during the day and even drinking on the job
  • Legal trouble can result from driving while under the influence to resorting to petty theft in order to buy more alcohol
  • The odds of erratic, dangerous and illegal behaviors will increase

Unless you quit drinking now, your alcohol problem is going to get worse. You may even find yourself facing a life-threatening situation, especially if you are prone to getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. To make great strides with your addiction recovery, it is essential that you enter into an alcohol rehabilitation program that is prepared to help you work through your alcohol addiction and any co-occurring concerns.

Getting Quality Alcohol Treatment

Please call our toll-free alcohol recovery helpline to get the quality addiction treatment you need. Calls are answered by qualified and compassionate counselors who can guide you to the right kind of alcohol rehab program for your unique needs.

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