Is Alcohol Affecting My Daily Life?

For many people, drinking plays a part in their lives as a means of celebration, relaxation, and recreation. Not everyone who drinks for these purposes has a problem with drinking, but many people do. When drinking starts to become a part of your daily life, there are signs and symptoms that will be apparent to help you identify the problem. These signs can help you determine what kind of help you need to stop using.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

The following are signs that alcohol abuse is becoming a problem:

  • Increased frequency of drinking: Do you drink every single day, and if so, is it in large amounts? Having a glass of wine with dinner does not an alcoholic make, but someone who is drinking throughout the day or night and finding themselves drunk should be cautious of their behavior.
  • Decreased interest in activities/hobbies: Are you starting to skip out on activities that you used to participate in? Are you no longer interested in the hobbies that you used to enjoy? Your drinking might have taken the place of these extracurricular activities and/or hindered you from participating because you might not feel up to getting physical or stimulating your mind due to the depressive quality of your drinking.
  • Erratic behavior: Are you seeing yourself going from one extreme to the next, with random, erratic behaviors occurring in between? Are you finding that you apologize a lot for things that you do while drunk? These are tell-tale signs of alcoholism and how it impacts your everyday life. Not only is it starting to impact your personal life, but it is beginning to impact those around you and possibly hurting your relationships with them.
  • Problems in the workplace: Missing work because you are hung-over, falling behind on your tasks because you feel lethargic, or drinking on the job will begin to show a major decrease in your performance in the workplace. When this begins to occur, not only will you feel the pressure of slacking at work, but so will your co-workers, and your boss.

If you feel like your drinking is becoming a problem and affecting your daily life, you are probably on to something. The casual drink here and there is nothing compared to incorporating it into your everyday life and feeling like you cannot function without it. Depending on alcohol to get you through difficult times, to relax, or to wash away the day will begin to show in all areas of your life. If you are noticing that your drinking is becoming a problem, the best thing for you to do is reach out for treatment before it gets even more out of control.

Do You Need Help with a Drinking Problem?

You are not the only one. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today to get the help you need to become sober once and for all. Do not be ashamed. Call us now.

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