Individualized Treatment Planning for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

When it comes to treating alcoholism, quality rehab centers customize programs that reflect the patient’s unique needs. This individualized treatment can yield any of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility in applying therapies for the best results
  • Accounting for personal history and experiences that motivate substance abuse
  • Addressing co-occurring issues like trauma, chronic pain and mental health disorders
  • In-depth diagnoses and treatment for any secondary issues and addictions
  • Anticipating potential struggles and strategizing ways to avoid them

Alcohol addiction is a neurobiological disease that involves chemical changes in the brain, so treating this disease requires a course of action that is smart, adaptive and customized.

Alcohol Abuse Motivations

To individualize alcoholism treatment, addiction counselors need to know about each patient, especially the following information:

  • Any history of sexual, emotional or physical abuse
  • Unresolved traumas causing unconscious conflict
  • Evidence to suggest a mental illness or personality disorder
  • Does the patient struggle with confidence, self-image or social isolation?
  • Unstable work, family or financial situations
  • Secondary addictions to drugs or process behaviors
  • Is the patient drinking to self-medicate another problem?

By analyzing the patient and what motivated substance abuse, rehab facilities can create personal treatment plans.

Customized Treatment Plans

By determining each patient’s needs, treatment facilities can individualize plans through the following services:

  • Integrated care to address concurrent disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Individual counseling to address internal conflicts and acceptance issues
  • Behavioral therapies that foster more positive cognitive responses
  • Holistic options that help treat ongoing pain, health or emotional problems
  • Long-term planning such as developing positive coping mechanisms
  • Group therapy with similar patients to share thoughts and feelings
  • Assistance in addressing family, employment and legal issues

Patients will need to detox, which can create uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Treatment centers alleviate these symptoms with a relaxing environment and perhaps medication. As with therapy, the detox plan adapts to what will provide the maximum safety and comfort.

Special Treatment Options

Professional rehab can adapt to different needs and conditions, but individualized planning can also consider personal interests and preferences. These specialty programs include the following options:

  • Overseas facilities in exotic locales for those who love travel
  • Adventure therapies that utilize team-oriented sports
  • Nature-based locations for those who enjoy the outdoors
  • Equine therapies that teach life skills through interaction with horses
  • Arts-based programs that incorporate painting, music and dance

Many treatment programs cater to age, gender, language, disabilities, sexual preference, faith and certain professions. Special programs help combat veterans who return home with posttraumatic stress disorders and drinking problems. Get help to address your unique problems with alcohol.

Help Addressing Alcoholism

Do you or a loved one struggle with alcoholism? Get help from a quality treatment center that customizes its care. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to discuss treatment. We can also recommend facilities and check health insurance policies for benefits. Call us now and discover your many options.

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