I’m Scared to Quit Drinking

I'm scared to quit drinkingIf you need alcohol addiction help to regain control of your life, you may be worried about the type of alcoholism help that you will receive. Being afraid to detox is normal, but if you are well-informed of what happens in rehab, you will be in a much better position to get the rehab help that you need.

Examining Fears of Getting Addiction Help

The following are reasons an alcoholic may fear getting help with addiction and moving on to a new life of sobriety:

  • Fear of the unknown. It can be scary to consider what life will be like for you without alcohol. This goes beyond being afraid to detox and being worried about alcoholism rehab. This encompasses being worried about what your future holds for you without alcohol as your emotional crutch or daily activity.
  • Fear of an inability to cope. Many alcoholics use alcohol to cope with stress factors in their life. These individuals may worry that they will be unable to handle life without alcohol.
  • Fear of losing your sense of self. Alcoholics may define themselves by their addiction. They may not remember who they were before alcohol, and this can cause a lot of anxiety about who they will be when sober.

Think of your addiction as a security blanket. What will you be able to turn to when you need to feel comforted and secure? Quality addiction help can provide you with the coping tools you need to face life without using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

Understanding What Happens in Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Reaching out to get alcohol addiction help is a brave step that will benefit you and your family., and taking the bold step to quit alcohol is admirable. When you enter into alcohol addiction rehab, you will meet with rehab professionals who will provide an addiction assessment and will help determine the course of treatment that will be offered to you. You will attend therapy sessions that include group sessions with others who are also seeking the benefits of rehab help. You will be given the tools needed to quit drinking and get sober.

Quit Drinking Today

Call our addiction helpline counselors for help today. Calls are toll-free and are strictly confidential. Our counselors will put your fears about getting alcoholism rehab help to rest while also verifying your insurance benefits for your program of choice. We can offer you the alcohol addiction help that you need 24 hours a day, so please call now.

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