How to Stay Sober During a Divorce

How to Stay Sober During a DivorceA divorce can often be a mixed blessing, for both parties involved. On one hand divorce can be heartbreaking if your spouse leaves you for no apparent reason. On the other hand, divorce can often be relieving if both parties benefit from the separation. If you are divorcing an alcoholic or a drug addict, consider how the divorce will benefit you and also your children.

Reasons to Divorce an Addict

Every relationship and every marriage is different; your decisions for divorcing an alcoholic or drug addict may be unique to your situation. However, the following reasons are a few common reasons that people choose divorce:

  • If both parties previously had an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can strain a relationship when one person finally achieves sobriety and the other is reluctant to seek treatment.
  • An alcoholic partner can compromise your financial security and the stability of your household. If you have children living at home, it is vital that they have a stable home, a home without addiction in the midst.
  • Addicts are often prone to periods of depression, anger, rage, and even violence. Domestic abuse is never acceptable, but many partners endure abuse while living with an addicted spouse.
  • It is possible for the non-addicted spouse to enable the addiction; divorcing can help the addict achieve sobriety without influences from outside.

Whatever your reasons for getting a divorce, they are personal and unique to you. Your relationship may have been the most important thing in your life; however, your sobriety needs to take center stage for you now. Without sobriety, you will be putting more than your relationship in jeopardy; you will be putting your physical and mental health at risk.

How to Stay Sober during a Divorce

Seeking rehab and therapy can greatly benefit your sobriety. The following are ways to ensure that you stay sober during a divorce no matter how stressful and difficult the proceedings may be:

  • Remember the reasons for getting a divorce. You may have been in a toxic and unhealthy marriage that was heavily influencing your addiction.
  • Consider entering a rehab center during divorce to get the help that you need during this emotionally trying time.
  • Get counseling during rehab so that you heal not only your body but also your mindset. Remember that a solid number of addicts also struggle with one or more mental health concerns that can contribute toward addiction. By treating all aspects of your addiction, you will be in a much better position to stay sober during a divorce.
  • Learn who your truly supportive friends and family members are. As a part of learning how to stay sober during a divorce, you will find that leaning on your friends and family members for emotional support is absolutely vital.

Help Staying Sober during a Divorce

If you find that your sobriety is being threatened by your divorce, or if you need help getting sober, give us a call. Calls are completely toll-free to our 24 hour helpline. Our compassionate counselors are waiting to help give you the guidance that you need in order to embrace your sobriety.

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