How to Reduce Your Risk of Alcoholism

Alcohol is readily available, affordably priced and part of our social fabric. It is potentially dangerous and addictive, yet its cultural position makes use acceptable and addiction easy to deny.

Risk Factors for Alcohol Addiction

Reducing your risk of alcoholism involves knowing the risk factors for addiction. A family history of alcohol or drug addiction may indicate an increased risk of alcohol addiction. If you have a family history of alcoholism, you are at a higher risk for developing your own alcohol abuse problem. Alcohol addiction can be genetic, and it is influenced by environmental factors as well. Knowing your family’s history of alcohol abuse will help you be more aware of your personal susceptibility to addiction.

Examining Potentially Harmful Drinking Behaviors

You can avoid alcohol addiction by examining your behaviors and attitudes related to alcohol use. Ask yourself why you are drinking and consider if it is for any of the following reasons:

  • Others around you are doing so
  • A friend is pressuring you
  • You want to fit in
  • You want to forget about something bad that has happened
  • You just can’t stop

If your drinking is influenced strongly by factors such as these, talk with a professional about how you can manage and cope with daily life without turning to alcohol.

Tips for Avoiding Alcoholism

The following actions can help you reduce your risk of alcoholism:

  • Be responsible while drinking. There is nothing wrong with having an occasional drink, if you are not an alcoholic. However if you have a strong family history of alcoholism, drink to excess or have a co-occurring mental health issue, consider whether drinking is the right choice for you.
  • Find ways to have fun without alcohol. Many social events involve beer or alcohol consumption. While such events are unavoidable, it does not mean that drinking is the only way to have fun. Participate in events or activities that do not require alcohol.
  • Find a supportive peer group. Hanging around friends that often drink large amounts of alcohol will not encourage your own efforts to refrain from or reduce alcohol consumption. Find friends who enjoy spending time together without alcohol.

Monitoring your alcohol intake is crucial to avoiding abuse or addiction problems. Even if you have never struggled with addiction, you are at risk. No one is immune from addiction, and taking steps to avoid or address any problems is essential to finding a healthy and happy life.

End the Risks of Alcohol Addiction

Learn how to reduce your risk of alcoholism, help an addicted friend or address any alcohol abuse issues in your life. Call our toll-free helpline to talk confidentially with a recovery counselor. We are here 24 hours a day, so please don’t hesitate to call. No addiction concern is too small or too large.

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