How Do I Stop Drinking?

The origins of alcoholism can be as diverse as the types of people that this disease affects. Many addictions are the result of physical or emotional pain and develop when alcohol or other drugs are used to provide a temporary escape.

No matter what the origin of an alcohol addiction may be, solo attempts made by alcoholics to discontinue drinking are rarely successful. The number of adult men and women suffering from the effects of alcoholism are on the rise each year, making the question of how to stop drinking more important than ever.

Education and Understanding Alcoholism

Many attempts at rehabilitation fail, because patients do not understand the contextual and environmental factors surrounding their addiction. Many former alcoholics state that one of the most difficult parts of recovering from the disease of alcoholism is finding the resolve to quit and begin exploring treatment options. Often, people who are forced to enter rehab either fail to complete it or experience a relapse shortly afterward. A family or medical intervention may be necessary, but successful rehabilitation occurs when the patient has found the resolve to complete the process. This resolve can be cultivated through access to education. If a recovering alcohol user can truly understand the circumstances surrounding their addiction and the physical and psychological effects of alcoholism, they are much more likely to enter and complete rehabilitation.

Consistent Accountability for Alcohol Use

One of the most important resources for you in your attempt to discontinue the use of alcohol will be a consistent network of support and accountability. This should begin even before you start the rehabilitation process. A combination of trusted friends, family members and medical professionals can not only help you make the decision to seek medical treatment but also complete it. Successful treatment will be multi-faceted and combine quality medical assistance with an emphasis on therapy and education.

Need Help to Stop Drinking?

If you are struggling with alcohol use, talk to one of our counselors today. We are available 24 hours a day and can provide the information you need about addiction and recovery. We can even very benefits with your insurance company and find the rehab options that best fit your needs. Our helpline is toll-free and confidential, so you have nothing to lose by calling now.

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