How Alcohol Abuse Impacts Memory

If ever you were looking for a reason to quit drinking, you may be encouraged to seek rehab after learning some of the ways alcoholism affects memory. Alcoholism and the abusive behaviors that accompany it can deeply impact both long and short-term memory; these effects of alcoholism are very rarely reversible.

How Alcoholism Affects Memory

Not having any recollection of what you said or did while you were drunk is a serious concern. It indicates that you had entirely too much to drink, that you were not completely in control of your actions and that you may have made poor decisions. While blackouts are a clear example of memory loss related to drinking, alcoholism will also lead to the following:

  • Forgetting important dates and appointments
  • Difficulty recalling recent events and conversations
  • Problems absorbing new information; this can impact the ability to study effectively
  • General forgetfulness that could include losing keys, forgetting why you went to the store, or where you parked your car

As alcoholism progresses, so do additional memory troubles, including blackouts. Blackouts are a bit of a misnomer as drinkers don’t always actually pass out; they are able to function, in a fashion, but the alcohol will have addled their brains to the point that they have zero recollection of what they did.

Quality Alcohol Abuse or Addiction Treatment

Memory problems are amongst some of the more serious complications of alcoholism. A quality alcohol rehab program can help to stave off further memory problems by helping alcoholics break free from their addictions. Professional addiction treatment will offer several great benefits that alcoholics can use in their fight against addiction including the following:

  • Our addiction recovery programs include medically supervised detox that focuses on your physical well-being and over all levels of comfort
  • With the close connection between alcoholism and mental health issues, we offer integrated treatment that addresses your underlying emotional and mental issues as well as your alcoholism
  • Time spent in an inpatient alcohol rehab facility will allow you the opportunity to undergo individual counseling sessions, along with group and family counseling

There are incredible benefits to quality alcohol treatment; the most important benefit might be that, you minimize further damage to your memory when you stop drinking now.

Alcohol Addiction Help

There is no time like the present to start the alcohol recovery process; the sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to retain your good memory and mental health. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline so you can find out more about the benefits of inpatient alcohol treatment. Calls are confidentially handled by our knowledgeable counselors; they can set your mind at ease, and can even verify your available insurance for rehab. Call us today; we are here to help you.

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