Getting Out of the Cycle of Alcohol Abuse

For an alcoholic it may seem like alcohol is everywhere. It is offered at corporate events, social events, restaurants, grocery stores and more. This can make it incredibly difficult for a person to maintain sobriety. Getting yourself to alcohol rehab and getting the addiction treatment that you need can help you to break the cycle of alcohol abuse.

The Destructive Cycle of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics are rarely alcoholics from day one. There are stages of alcoholism and addiction that lead to severe addiction. The following are levels of drinking that may indicate or lead to addiction:

  • A casual drink: This once in a while drink can become a nightly occurrence. Alcoholics may tell themselves that they are completely in control of their drinking, because they are only drinking one or two drinks every day. However, this casual drinking can lead to an individual becoming incapable of having a good time without a drink in his or her hand.
  • The binge drinker: A binge drinker will drink to get drunk one or two nights a week. Most frequently seen in college students, binge drinking once a week can turn into drinking multiple times a week and can affect the drinker’s ability to function the next day.
  • The functioning alcoholic: The term functioning alcoholic is a misnomer, as there is no way for a person to be an alcoholic and function at peak performance. Work and social relationships will start to suffer regardless of how “functional” an alcoholic appears.

Once an addict or alcoholic has fallen into a destructive cycle of alcohol abuse or drug abuse, it is incredibly difficult to break away from patterns and habits related to use. The good news is that an alcohol treatment or addiction treatment program can treat all aspects of the addiction and provide the help needed for lasting recovery.

Getting out of the Cycle of Alcohol Abuse Today

If you believe that you or a family member is in need of an addiction recovery program, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss your concerns with one of our compassionate counselors. Calls are completely confidential and can help you discover your best options for breaking the cycle of alcohol abuse. We can even help you plan family counseling, family interventions or insurance coverage for treatment. Call us now.

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