How to Not Get Addicted to Your Prescriptions

Several prescription drugs have as much addictive potential as illicit drugs do, and they can also cause great harm. Right now, prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic in the US, as people abuse these drugs both intentionally and unintentionally. A great way to avoid prescription drug addiction is to avoid misusing or abusing these powerful substances.

Anytime someone uses a prescription drug that was not prescribed to her, it is drug abuse. Even borrowing a friend or family member’s prescription drug to combat a legitimate medical condition is drug abuse. While it may seem innocent to take a drug prescribed to someone else, people are vulnerable to addiction when they use any drug whenever they choose. People who lack prescriptions lack safety guidelines, which exist to curb tolerance and dependency. Taking a drug without a prescription is like doctoring oneself, which even doctors are taught to avoid. Prescription drugs are powerful, so addiction recovery cannot be accomplished by self-control alone; if it could, addicts would not lose their jobs, friends and families to addiction.

People who receive prescription drugs must follow their doctor’s orders if they wish to avoid addiction. Furthermore, it is always helpful to talk to a pharmacist for advice on using the substance, as these professionals know which drugs and foods to avoid while taking a substance, and they can provide warning signs for tolerance, dependency and addiction. When a doctor prescribes and a pharmacist administers a prescription medication, they provide a patient with the best treatment option for a condition, all while considering the potential for abuse and dependence. The dosage quantity and frequency of use is extremely important to adhere to, as well as the total duration of use. Taking drugs in great amounts or more frequently than prescribed can cause tolerance, which influences people to use more and more of a drug to achieve the intended effects.

To avoid prescription addiction, people should be proactive about their health. It never hurts to research the medication one is taking, particularly that drug’s abuse potential, side effects, risks and complications, as well as which drugs or foods to avoid while taking it. Learning about the early signs of dependence and addiction can also help people prevent addiction from developing or from progressing. If someone is tempted to abuse his prescription, he should address the issue with his doctor immediately, because doctors can provide alternate instructions, other treatment options and so on that help avoid addiction. Several options treat health conditions without risking addiction, so seek help today to safeguard your health.

When a problem arises with your prescription drug use, do not ignore it, because prescription drugs can cause just as much havoc as illicit drugs. If you or a loved one needs to talk with a professional about prescription drug abuse, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline; our admissions coordinators can answer your questions, address your concerns and provide any information you need on addiction, treatment and recovery. Addiction is terrible disease, but it is also treatable, so get help sooner rather than later to prevent damage to yourself and your loved ones. Seek help to get and stay clean.

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