Five Signs of Functional Alcoholism

A functional alcoholic is a person who is dependent on or addicted to alcohol but manages to fulfill his or her responsibilities. Functional alcoholics appear to lead normal productive lives and in many cases can go for years with no serious or significant problems related to their alcohol use. However despite outward appearances functional alcoholics are doing serious damage to their health. Chronic alcohol consumption leads to liver damage which may be permanent and can be fatal.

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Five warning signs that a person is an alcoholic include the following:

  • Drinking every day
  • Always keeping alcohol in the house
  • Suffering withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability or tremors when going without alcohol
  • Friends, family members or medical professionals express concern about the person’s drinking
  • Unsuccessful efforts to stop drinking

Possible Consequences of Alcoholic Behavior

Even functional alcoholics experience serious negative side effects related to their drinking. Although many functional alcoholics function effectively for long periods of time, there is every chance that the consequences of chronic alcohol consumption will catch up with them, or they will suffer the consequences of an alcohol-related accident or criminal charge. Possible consequences of excessive drinking that may be suffered by functional alcoholics include the following:

  • Permanent or fatal liver damage
  • Expensive hospitalization due to consequences to health caused by drinking
  • Arrest for driving under the influence
  • Legal consequences of alcohol-related traffic accidents
  • Injury or death of self or others due to alcohol-related traffic accidents

Need Help Finding Treatment for Functional Alcoholism?

Functional alcoholism is a misleading condition. Functional alcoholics may appear to function effectively on the surface, but they can still suffer any or all of the consequences of alcohol abuse. Functional alcoholism is still alcoholism, and it still requires professional treatment. If you or someone you know has a negative relationship with alcohol, call our 24 hour toll-free helpline today.

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