Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?

What makes successful life? A loving spouse? A happy family? A good career? You have it all, and you only have one or two bad habits. These may involve drinking a little too much with your buddies, the occasional smoke to relieve stress, or taking an extra pill from time to time. Your life is great, and you know you are not addicted. You tell yourself you can stop whenever you want, but a part of you wonders if that is true.

Who Gets Addicted to Drugs?

There is a reason why people get addicted to drugs and alcohol and why no one is exempt from addiction. These substances alter you on a basic biological level so that you cannot simply stop using drugs or alcohol. Addiction doesn’t go away, and it doesn’t get better without professional help. A successful-seeming addict may be functional right now, but success won’t last long. You will come to rely on your substance of choice more and more often, and you will find that you don’t feel as successful as you once did. Your drug use hurts you and the people around you, and the sooner you end your abuse or addiction problem, the better.

Addiction Causes You Pain

Even if you feel you are in control, drugs and alcohol will not do anything but harm you. Alcohol damages the liver, other drugs stress your heart and all substances affect your brain. Even though you might never let others see you when you are under the influence, your addiction still poses a serious health risk to yourself.

The Pain Your Addiction Causes Others

Some drugs place your loved ones in direct physical danger. They may accidentally take pills, or they may suffer as a result of accidents that occur while you are intoxicated. Your drug use also affects the behaviors of those around you. If others, such as your children or friends, know of your drug use, they may think it is an okay thing to do. Your friends and family members will be affected by your changes in mood and behavior, and these changes occur no matter how in control your life feels. Drugs and alcohol destroy lives every day. Don’t let them destroy yours or your loved ones’.

Addiction Help for Successful Professionals

Even if you think you have your drug use under control, you may still have doubts. Call our toll-free helpline for a free addiction assessment, to discuss your drug use or to learn more about options for ending abuse or addiction. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.

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