Dealing with the Alcoholic in Your Life

Alcoholism is a family disease. Whether the alcoholic in your life is a spouse, a relative or a close friend, alcohol abuse can take a toll on everyone around you.

Denial and Alcoholism

Those that deal with alcoholism have to deal with a lot of frustration, especially when the alcoholic is in a denial phase—when the alcoholic does rejects the idea that she has an alcohol problem. As the alcoholic drinks more and more, she will try to hide her alcoholism or start drinking in the open. It can be an uphill battle for the family to make an alcohol come to terms with her problem. Alcoholism is a disease that threatens the entire family. As the problem of drinking increases, the alcoholic will also start denying the problem even more.

How People Enable Alcoholics

Families and friends enable an alcoholic when they create a situation where the alcoholic can drink without any consequences. If the alcoholic doesn’t have to shoulder any responsibilities or face the consequences of drinking, he or she is being enabled. When a family enables, they must also face the consequences of alcoholism. Choices that families make for disabling an alcoholic can be quite tough, it has to be done. It is essential that the family provide a strong support system but at the same time stand firm against alcoholism. The fight is against alcoholism and not the alcoholic, so fight accordingly.

How to Get an Alcoholic to Stop Drinking

Unless the alcoholic voluntarily seeks help, the family members must force the treatments and solutions. Inpatient programs can help alcoholics overcome their disease through treatment along with therapy sessions and building social and cognitive skills in rehab centers.
We work with specialty addiction treatment programs that include the family in family support and family therapy. The family can also get online help and attend help meetings that are held in their area. We also encourage families to consider a family intervention, and we are able to provide intervention assistance and professional intervention location.

Alcoholism Help for Families and Loved Ones

You don’t have to battle your loved one’s alcoholism on your own. We offer a completely confidential, 24 hour, toll-free helpline that can put you in touch with leading addiction professionals who can help. We can help you arrange a family intervention, hire a professional interventionist, seek family support and family counseling, work with your insurance provider to cover treatment and find treatment that works. Please call us now and find out how we can help you.

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