Dangers of Relapsing on Alcohol

When you leave alcohol addiction treatment, you may feel stronger than you have since you started abusing alcohol. However, that does not mean you are out of the woods. As soon as you leave alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol relapse becomes a major threat in your life, and this treat will always be present. Receiving continued addiction treatment will help, but relapse will still remain a threat in your life. If you do relapse on alcohol, the consequences can be dangerous, and it is important that you receive treatment for alcohol relapse as soon as possible. Relapsing on alcohol does not mean that you must become addicted again, but if you do not receive treatment for alcohol relapse, it is likely that you will become addicted.

Low Alcohol Tolerance after Treatment

Before you attend alcohol addiction treatment, you have a high tolerance to alcohol because you have drunk large amounts of it on a regular basis during your addiction. During treatment, your tolerance begins to subside, and it takes less alcohol than you’re used to in order to achieve the same effects. If you relapse after addiction treatment, it is very easy to drink too much alcohol. Even drinking the normal amount of alcohol or less can result in severe intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

Consequences of Alcohol Relapse

The consequences of alcohol relapse extend further than alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal and is very serious, but there are other possibilities as well. Users that relapse on alcohol may engage in risky behaviors, such as drunk driving or unprotected sex, which can cause legal or health problems.  Alcohol relapse can also lead to a user developing alcohol addiction again, putting the user in the same position he or she was in before alcohol addiction treatment. The consequences of alcohol relapse can be very severe. If you relapse on alcohol, you should seek alcohol addiction treatment as soon as possible.

Help after Alcohol Relapse

If you relapse on alcohol, call our toll-free helpline and speak with our trained addiction experts about your relapse. We can help you find effective treatment so that you can get back on your feet and continue your recovery from alcohol addiction. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so pick up the phone and call now to learn more about your treatment options following alcohol relapse.

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