Can I Become an Adult Alcoholic Even If I Drank Responsibly When I Was Younger?

Consuming alcohol at any age always poses risk, because we are unsure of how our bodies and minds will react to alcohol entering our systems. Teens and young adults will experiment with alcohol at different points in their young lives, but experimenting with and consuming alcohol is not the same thing as alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Young drinkers have a higher risk of developing an addiction, but it is possible to have drunk responsibly when you were younger and still develop an addiction to alcohol in your adult life.

The Development of Alcohol Addiction in Adults

Many factors play into the development of the disease of addiction. Some issues that contribute to alcohol addiction and particularly affect adults include stress and life experiences. Many internal and external circumstances can greatly affect the amount of stress you feel is put on your shoulders. Stress can be found in situations such as losing a loved one, suffering financial dilemmas, mental health issues, divorce, losing your job or experiencing difficulties at work. Many stressors become more prevalent when you get older, as you are held more responsible for supporting yourself and others.

Adults have experienced more in life that is both good and bad. Sad memories, past trauma and accumulated or unaddressed personal issues contribute to the desire to escape through alcohol use. Adults may feel they cannot take time for themselves due to family or work responsibilities, and they may not get the early help that can prevent future problems. Adults also feel increased pressure to succeed or live up to or maintain certain expectations.

Preventing Adulthood Alcoholism

The best way to prevent addiction in your adult life is to learn about your risk factors, identify any family history and address any problems as soon as they arise. Finding ways to relieve everyday stressors will increase physical and mental health and decrease the risk of alcoholism. Doing things such as joining a gym, riding your bike, taking cooking classes or adopting a hobby can help serve as an outlet for stress and provide positive activities that do not involve drinking. It is possible to become an alcoholic as an adult, but by taking you can reduce your risks of addiction.

End or Avoid Adult Alcohol Addiction

Don’t let alcohol take over your life. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about addiction recovery options for adults. We will help you balance recovery with your responsibilities and personal needs, and we are here 24 hours a day to do so. Don’t hesitate to get the help you deserve. Call now.

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