Why Alcohol Is Making Your Anger Problem Worse

Many people believe that consuming alcohol is an effective way to decompress from a stressful day and relax. However, in many cases continued alcohol consumption can lead to anger problems and increased aggression towards others. People who have a pre-existing anger problem are at a greater risk and will almost always see an increase in anger issues and aggression while under the influence of alcohol.

Anger and Alcohol Abuse

There are many different reasons why alcohol consumption has the potential to make an anger problem worse, including the following:

  • Changes brain chemistry – Alcohol consumption typically causes a change in the chemical makeup of a person’s brain. The result is a loss of inhibition and the ability to feel generally relaxed. However, the brain of a person with a pre-existing anger problem can be negatively affected by alcohol, thus causing him to become angrier and more aggressive while under the influence.
  • Lowers impulse control – Alcohol causes people to have decreased control over their feelings and impulses, which typically leads them to do and say irregular and irrational things. When a person is sober he typically has the ability to control an impulse to act out an angry thought. However, individuals may be unable to control their violent or angry impulses while intoxicated.
  • Causes misperception of others’ intentions – Alcohol consumption typically causes a person to have a narrow vision of his surrounding environment and social cues. People who are drinking often misperceive the intentions of others and may believe that someone is doing or saying something in a threatening way. This narrow vision is often what causes bar fights and aggressive behavior towards others over something small and insignificant such as a dirty look or innocent comment.
  • Decreases thoughts about potential consequences – People who are under the influence of alcohol are typically unable to think ahead about potential consequences of their behavior. This is often why people drive drunk or engage in criminal activities while under the influence. Alcohol can cause people to act out angry or hostile thoughts without considering the consequences of their actions.
  • Anger issues are more socially acceptable when a person is drunk – In many social settings, such as clubs or dance parties, irregular behavior such as fighting or shouting at others has become more socially acceptable when alcohol is involved. Even in domestic violence cases, people often accept violent behavior as normal because the person is drunk. This social acceptance often invites people with anger problems to act out.

Seeking out immediate treatment from licensed professionals for substance abuse and anger problems is essential to avoiding the potential legal consequences of continued drug use and aggression.

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