Alcohol Abuse in Asian Countries

Alcohol Abuse in Asian CountriesAlcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances throughout the entire world, including many parts of Asia. In massively populated countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China and South Korea, alcohol abuse is extremely common, with millions of people within each country abusing it.

Causes of Alcohol Abuse in Asia

As the numbers continue to rise, more and more individuals throughout many parts of Asia are finding themselves experimenting with different types of alcohol for a variety of different cultural and socioeconomic reasons. Some of the most common causes of alcohol abuse in Asia include the following:

  • Taxation cuts – In 1995, taxation on imported liquors in China was reduced significantly (from 150% to 80%), which helped drive the increase in consumption throughout the massively populated country and throughout the rest of Asia. As prices went down, more drinks were being bought and consumed, leading to the development of more instances of alcoholism in this part of the world.
  • Smuggling – In many parts of Asia, smuggling and selling items on the black market is one of the most common cultural practices. Therefore, many Asians sell different types of wine, beers and alcoholic beverages imported from other countries to turn a profit. This type of culture continually drives alcohol abuse in Asia as it adds to the problem rather than helps promote the solution.
  • High pressure demands – In most parts of Asia, including both China and Japan, there are high pressure demands that need to be met both socially and economically. The people of these countries must often meet certain standards academically, professionally and personally in order to be accepted by their friends, their families and their country. Attempting to keep up with these demands can lead to the need for stress release, which is often found through drinking to excess.

Some of the most common causes of alcohol abuse in Asia stem from dramatic tax cuts, a culture of selling items on the black market and the high demands that many Asians must meet to gain acceptance from others.

Treatment Options in Asia

There are a variety of different treatment options for alcohol abuse throughout Asia, many of which are highly successful in helping Asians end their battles with alcoholism. Not only do many treatment centers in Asia focus on creating an individualized, personal experience for their clients but they also utilize numerous Western-trained counselors and medical professionals to help engage in the treatment process. These treatment centers also focus on having high staff-to-patient ratios, as well as maintaining cheaper fees than centers in the West. By attending one of these successful Asian alcohol treatment centers, individuals in the area can work on getting the help they need while helping decrease the instance of alcohol abuse throughout the continent.

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