Alcohol Abuse and Digestive Issues

When we think of alcohol abuse and its side effects, we do not immediately think of the damage it can cause to the digestive system. Instead, we might think of the way alcohol abuse causes damage to the liver and kidneys, incites reckless behaviors, and divides families. While all these problems are associated with alcohol abuse, digestive issues can also arise from abusing alcohol.

How Alcohol Abuse Damages the Digestive System

There are several ways in which alcohol abuse can damage the digestive system and lead to dangerous health issues, including the following conditions:

  • Acid reflux: While having acid reflux every now and again is not going to cause too much damage, experiencing it on a consistent basis can lead to some serious side effects. One of the most dangerous side effects can be esophageal erosion, where the acid can cause scar tissue to form in the esophagus, prompting it to close over time and making it difficult to breathe or eat. Asthma can also develop as a side effect of acid reflux due to dry coughing and scar tissue development.
  • ¬†Gastritis: Gastritis is another serious side effect of alcohol abuse, as this condition can sometimes prove to be fatal. Alcohol abuse can cause damage to the stomach lining, which in turn can cause ulcers to form and increase the risk of stomach cancer. While gastritis can be easily treated, those who are abusing alcohol may be unable or unwilling to properly take care of their health.

While these major health issues can arise without the use of alcohol, those who are abusing alcohol are at a much higher risk for experiencing these problems. Continuing to abuse alcohol only increases the symptoms and the risk of dangerous health conditions in the future. The best and most effective way to prevent further damage from occurring is to find the treatment needed to recover from alcohol addiction.

Do You Need Help Quitting Alcohol for Good?

Alcohol addiction can cause many mental, emotional and physical consequences, including dangerous and painful digestive issues. If you are ready to quit abusing alcohol, call us today on our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to start on a path toward recovery.

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